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  1. Does someone have the full list of index stocks?

    For example:

    Dow = Dia
    Nasdaq= qqqq
    s&p = spy
    oil= uso

    I am looking for index stocks on the following:

    Health care (hmo)

    GS goes on a secondary run up with the index but MS (the one that I have) doesn't go!

    I am getting sick and tired of individual stocks and their spreads and their freaking bullshit games...

    Thanks a lot
  2. USO isn't an "index" of oil. It doesn't seem to follow it too terribly great. There is another thread on ET discussing how it doesn't follow oil to the T, like other ETFs.

    Here are some of the indicies off the top of my head, symbols in ( ) are going to be actual ETFs you can trade, others are regular indicies that you can trade options on, and most are cash settled and european exercise, check each exchange that has the indexes to find out the rules on particular options.

    DOW - (dia) DJX, DXL
    Nasdaq (qqqq) MNX, NDX
    S&P - (spy) SPX, XSP
    Oil - (uso) XOI, OSX
    Airline - XAL
    Broker - EXQ (exchanges, not brokers)
    Gold (GLD)
    Silver (SLV)

    Thats all I can think of, there are a handful more though if you go to the websites of individual exchanges.
  3. Thanks a lot for the detailed response. I know nothing about options and futures. That's why I was hoping there would be index stocks mainly on steels and brokers. Are you sure there is no index stocks on those? At least for brokers?
  4. Options on indicies (not ETFs) are typically traded only on the exchange that "owns" the indicies. For example, CBOE owns the rights to SPX, DJX, MNX. One exchange quoting an option chain means less competition, which hurts you.

    Sounds like what you are really looking for is ETFs. I heard someone mention as a good place to researche them. You might want to check it out.

    PS : MS is in the index you posted, its just under a different ticker now. Check the site of the exchange that owns the index. If you look on the Amex site you can see the components.
  5. etfs, sector shares, ishares, spyders, etc full info: <b></b>

    It's all there :>)
  6. Thanks folks. I'll check out those links.
    HMO ETF is====iShares Dow Jones US Healthcare Provider (IHF)

    Both are pretty thinly traded
  8. topdown


  9. Thanks man. Yes, they are very thin, maybe someday it can be trade-able... I mean at least slx, come on, it's the steel index and no one trades it... It's one of the more volatile sectors nowadays.

    Thanks for the links. I guess this is the closest I can get. It's nice to know that what I was looking for is out there. But most are very thin and not trade-able:( I'll just stick to the active ones for now...
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