Index Options that will expire worthless in Aug07 -- POST here !

Discussion in 'Options' started by WD40, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. WD40


    Some say 90 % of the open interest will expire worthless.

    Whether it is 10% or 90%, it has been debated in another thread.

    Today we are interested to see which strikes you think will expire worthless, and how did you come to that calculation.
  2. AUG GOOG $650 calls will expire worthless.

    NDX 1800 puts as well

    what's the point? :)
  3. just21


    I use the ODDS probability cone in Metastock, set to two standard deviations of 20 day volatility. What do you use?
  4. MTE


    I don't see the point either, but what the heck...

    SPX - below 1485 & above 1580
    NDX - below 1950 & above 2125
    RUT - below 790 & above 880

    As to how I got these...sorry, it's a proprietary calculation.:)
  5. WD40


    my take:


    closed yestereday at 2036

    I use a 10% projection, my condor strikes will be:

  6. What ops will expire worthless? Any that I have bought! :p
  7. mte... if i had your proprietary calculator; i would be all set. if you have a change of heart, keep me in mind:)
  8. I'm gonna go out on a limb here.

    SPX 1150 puts will expire worthless
    as will NDX 1350 puts

    Oh what the heck... while I'm at it, I will also say that SPX 1725 calls will expire worthless too.
  9. jj90


    Better watch the RUT 790s. Only 20 Points OTM here. RUT breaks 800 (not likely but high vol usually leads to higher vol) theres a free fall every 20 points.
  10. MTE


    As long as it expires OTM...:)
    #10     Jul 25, 2007