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    Are there any good traders that trade the e-minis who post their journals here on ET that are worth watching or reading over their trades ?

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    mainly looking for peolpe who do a lot scalp type trades in the nq and es if that helps any as well.
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    I happend to traded these 2 markets exclusively.
    I actually use 3 systems:
    a DayTrade system
    A SwingTrade System
    a break-out System

    I use the SwingTrade System during Trending market conditions
    I use the Break-out System During Non-Trending market conditions
    I use the DayTrade System to scalp for points and grab the High/low Bar of the day.
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    i do the dow mini. board can be found in the journals section.
  5. What are the benefits of having an online journal? My trading needs some improving. I'm considering starting a journal...just don't know if it's worth it to keep a real-time journal. Afraid if may be too distracting to trade and post in real-time. Any thoughts?

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    Posting a trade journal in real time will only help those seeking the advise and guidance not yourself. A real trading journal is one that focuses on reflection: the what,why,where and when of the trade "preferably" before you place the trade. The rational behind it is that It will help to identify what your thoughts prior to placing the trade were. In essence it will help to identify non-profitable self destructive patterns that may or may not be correctable. Such as: Are you jumping into the trade because you are board? or are you forcing the trade instead of waiting for your signal?

    If you really want to obtain true personal reflection then may I suggest journal in private so that way only you can see what your deepest emotions and rationale are. Know thyself.

    On the other hand. It may be helpful to post possible trade ideas that could help gather insight before placing the trade and thus help you formulate clearer objective trade strategy. This will lead to a more robust system.

    :) :)
  7. If your method generates several trades per day, keeping a journal without affecting your focus is almost impossible. However, if you trade once or twice a day it is much easier and a journal keeps you focused and sharp. A goal is not a goal until you commit it and become accountable.

    This is a very tangible benefit of keeping a journal. It makes you accountable to others.....not just yourself. You will be much to easy on yourself.

    Good luck. Hope it works out for you. I would be interested in learning your thoughts.

    Baron should create an additional title for those who are willing to keep a journal or share their methods in writing on this board.

    Maybe Platinum Elitist or maybe "You da man Elitist":p
  8. I keep a journal that tracks my progress as a trader, mainly because nobody I know in real life gives a damn about trading. Gives me people to talk about trading with more than anything. When I told people I traded E-minis they looked at me like I was a loon, or they told me that I was going to lose all my money and it is just gambling. I've gotten some useful advice in my journal, but most is best ignored.

    I've found that I lose interest pretty quickly in posting trades, and that it distracts me.
  9. Hmm....would an after-the-fact journal work where I post my trades and thoughts after the trade? Or would that just generate flame wars and people calling me a liar? Actually...I might be OK as long as I only lose money in the journal :D

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