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  1. I was asked to post this in the index futures thread since all Alex really teaches on *IS* index futures. So here goes. A lot these are repeats. have a good trading week!

    * = Added sine last post

    *Trading off the panic of others and identifying it:

    *When is it time to get the heck out?

    *Alex's Thought's on Longer Term Trades:

    *How to use a trading coach to become a professional trader:

    *Alex Talking about the Goldilocks trading setup:

    *What types of charts are appropriate for different market conditions?:

    Alex speaking about his layout and settings:

    How to use the 89T and stochastic so you dont chase:

    Tape reading and discipline lesson:

    When is the right time to take trend line breaks?

    Letting other traders influence your trading plan:

    Trade Review and Tape Reading Lesson:

    Narrow Range Trading Days and NR7:

    What to look for when starting the trading day:

    *How To Pick Your Stops via Volatility:

    Stop Placement and General Information

    Stochastic Rules We Use In Trading

    Cleaning Up Your Attitude and Placing Trades

    In honor of Greenspan. Setup review. Revenge of panic line break

    How do you know in advance if a trade will work?

    Chasing is Like Drinking and Driving (NEW):

    Heikin ashi indicators, what are they and usage:

    The Brutal Truth about Learning to Trade

    Mothers Day Video on Triggers

    FOMC Preparation and what to expect on rate decision day 5/8/2007 Video:

    Gap Fades, More Information

    What are pivots? Why do they work?

    How to use the $TICK to get better enteries on scalps:

    What makes 90% of traders fail?

    Probabilites of triggers working with filters

    Easter Video on Bollinger Band Rejection play:

    Web Seminar Presentation recording from 2/29/2007 (minus the Q&A):

    Using flush out volume to enter and exit a trade

    Using multiple time frames for T S&R

    Basic candlestick formations and What they mean:

    Using Trend Line to Enter a Trade:

    Revenge of the Trend Line Break:

    What's the best futures market for a newbie to trade?:

    When triggers fail! And animals attack:

    How to get the advance/declines & pivots on to Trade Station: CNBC Spot: (pod cast)

    How to lower your commissions substantially:

    How to gain access to member forum. Sticking to setups. Max span play:

    Live session of Alex speaking on time cycles:

    How we use the Advance/Declines to enter high probability trades:

    ADX Indicator Information. What is it, and how is it used?

    Entering a strong trend with BBS's:

    Speed up your execution platform/PC:

    Recorded session from live trading room:

    Entering a trend using fibonacci retracements:

    FOMC Preparation and what to expect on rate decision day:

    FOMC Day, Dec 12 2006 move recorded by Bearishtrader:

    Catastrophic exchange crash! How to handle this. How to hedge your open positions:

    The Standard layout we use to trade the e-mini dow YM:

    Bear's live demo on how to follow Alex's trading calls with Bracket Trader:

    Market Profile. Brief explanation of Market Profile is and how to use it:

    Program trading information and instruction how to use the indicator.

    Opening range indicator intro 8/23/2006:

    MaxSpan opening range trade & rules from 01/08/2007

    MaxSpan opening range trade from 01/09/2007:

    Super Bowl Sunday. How to read track record. MaxSpan & Friday cautions. The YM SPREAD:

    Live recording actual trading, recorded by Bearishtrader on 01/05/2007:

    What is Tape Reading? How does Alex use it?

    Cherry picking trades out of your plan. HotCommCL install info. Free journal. Trade setups

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