Index futures up huge overnight

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  1. The perfect tool for manipulation Dow mini up 70 points on 4000 contracts, now the specialists get to mark up their stocks for fee, why? because the futures re up what a crock.
  2. I think alot of it has to do with the roll-over. At least my charts rolled and the nq is "down" huge, while the ym is "up" huge.
  3. The need to make sure all those expensive puts bought last week expire worthless.
  4. I guess you do not look "outside the box" ?

    come on now ... markets around the world are in rally mode
    and the USA is also "going with the upside order flow "

  5. June futures contract up 100 points over March in the Dow mini. This is such a rigged market.
  6. Yes I can see that, what pisses me off is I missed this 75 point run that happened as I slept.
  7. That's the time premium to expiration. Fair value diminishes over time assuming equal carry load. Look up fair value on cbot cme.
  8. I cant wait for PPI and CPI to come out next week retail gas prices have risen over 20% in the last month, can you say inflationary pressure.

    But that pussy fed wont do a thing. Gentel Ben what a joke.
  9. <i>"I think alot of it has to do with the roll-over. At least my charts rolled and the nq is "down" huge, while the ym is "up" huge."</i>

    Make sure your symbols are set for the June contract month specifically today. If you use "continuous" chart settings, it will blend the March & June together. That throws off price action going backward thru the transition due to premium spread between contracts.

    That is true for short-term tick charts, volume charts and time charts alike. Four sessions per calendar year have the charts slightly amok. This is one of them.

    As for the overnight gap, it is a futures rally back above yesterday highs. Might as well get used to seeing such overnight moves... large gaps are common during normal to high volatility. Gone for now (maybe for good) are the ultra-low VIX market conditions.
  10. mini - you have become one bitter trader recently, which is a recipe for disaster.

    The markets are not 'manipulated' against you or anyone else here. You do not trade enough size to even get on anyone's radar screen.

    Stop bitching and either learn to trade these markets or take your money to the local bank and plop it in an insured CD. With a CD, there's no 'manipulation' going on there - fixed rate with FDIC insurance!
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