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  1. In his book “Mind over Markets”, James Dalton has stated two big questions for every trader to answer: “Which way is the market trying to go?” and “Is it doing a good job in its attempt to go that way?”. Understanding these questions is essential for profitable trading. There are many ways to answer the first of these questions, for example, Japanese Candlesticks, tape reading, S/R analysis and others. All these methods provide signals for market direction.

    The second question is about market timing, when to look for confirmation signal and when to ignore. I started this journal to show a new approach to market timing, which is based on forecasting important points in future. Each of such points can be either a moment when next price move begins or a moment for a price level which could be challenged later after price consolidation. Using rational mathematical model instead of classical TA, I am able to calculate these points in advance with a horizon of next trading day. I am going to post forecasted points (Eastern Time) several hours before each trading session of ES&YM futures, in order to show a power of the market timing.
  2. Sounds like a plan!
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    looking forward to it.
  4. Ok, lets start our journey to the world of Market Timing.

    05/24 Look at 09/45 11/15 and 13/40 EST.
  5. The question is how strict are you going to be? If market turns at 9:56 are you going to claim you were right and pretty close? What is your +/- cushion cause I can pretty much say 10:30 AM and 90% of the time there will be a turn of sorts give or take 10 minutes.

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    and how many points to qualify it as a real turn.
  7. tape reading, S/R seem to test as statistically useful. Prevailing trend also useful

    japanese candlestick formations seem to not be much use
  8. 05/25 There is no points. It means that I will be out of the market today.
  9. Sorry to bug in, but market forecasting rarely works. The great traders are reactors, and not forecasters.
  10. your timing based on astrology ?
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