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  1. Earlier in the YM forum I posted:

    Hello everyone : I used to trade the bigger pit traded DJ futures; and am now enjoying the smaller active YM futures. Yesterday I sold 1 March 10,000 put at 278 and 1 March 10,700 call for 236 pts. Breakeven is around 9500 and 11,200. Any thoughts on this strategy? I doubt the DOW will trade conclusively and breakout of these ranges. Any obervations, criticisms, input would be highly appreciated.

    Maybe this other forum could get more ideas going.

    Also curious if anyone has any ideas for Nikkei option strategies. Thinking of selling puts. I'm thinking of a way to put on a bullish strategy using different month options.
  2. Keep both eyes on the put option. If the Dow Jones "dips" hard, the implied volatility on your straddle will explode and give you some sleepless nights. Historically, October is one of the worst performing months for the market. Maybe history won't repeat itself for your sake.
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    upside seems limited, the bigger risk is to the downside. just be sure to keep enough cash to cover your margin, and if the 10K level looks to be breached you can always short the futures contract to cover your put.