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  1. This is one area I have not explored while trading for the last 7 years or so.

    Anyone who is trading index options, kindly enlighten us on the following areas if possible :

    1. What is best options to trade for index options? DAX, minis?

    2. Cost of trading?

    3. Broker?

    4. Scalping options?

    5. Best way to start ? Preferably plain vanilla kind of stuff.

    Anything else would be welcomed.

    Thanks guys.:)
  2. milstar


    Dear Sir

    FDAX,FESX and any product of Eurex is dissadvantaged
    as Eurex side stated that connection is only 64-256 kb .Communication with clients by Eurex is very worst .
    Pit traded options also dissadvantaged as exist middle-man .
    Expected great reward ,as example for CL,NG options in case of Katrina ,must be divided to more great risk,source's of which
    are different exchange behaviar ,data feed, pit &
    Electronicaly traded ES have some 3-4 mln contracts volume
    per year ,ER -130-150000 contracts ,EN until 100000 contracts.

    Your respectfully milstar
  3. ES and ER2 do very little option volume, unlike the futures.
  4. milstar


    To riskarb

    Dear Sir

    Yes ,correct ,but 4 mln per year is some 300000
    per month . Only stock options leaders make some
    more .
    Please see data ,top equity options

    Options on spy,qqqq clear more , But with e-mini and options
    different spreads ,fence,synthetic & can be tryed .

    Your respectfully milstar
  5. Jesus, man... the OPTIONS do a few hundred contracts in daily volume. We're talking OPTIONS, not the underlying futures.
  6. esmjb


    eurex's connection speed of 64-256 kb is a non-issue.
  7. milstar



    1.Was asked without precise statement about index options in
    context of emini.
    2. Top ETF options as SPY are most liquid
    3. per motn approx 10 stock options have volume some 10-20
    000 per day
    4. Eurex connection is issue ,was post from Eurex member
    futuretrader71 .This stated about horrible delay in October .

    Exist multiple extra risk to trade Eurex ,and this risk not rewarded extra ,also with FDAX margin 1068 euro against
    500$ for E-mini.

    5. You can trade 1 spy option for 2 $ RT by pure agent as MBT or by sofisticated platform thinkorswim (customized offer
    3$ per RT for one ) .All without quantity limit

    You can not trade ES through Openecry and to date author not informed about another broker in future industry ,which
    not have proprietary trading desk .But you can not expect that ES
    would traded lower as 4$ per RT . SP generaly more as 10$ per RT.
    Only in case of specific combination as synthetic asset,fence,covered call & with E-mini and options on e-mini,
    future options can be interessed. CME reported growth per year
    Author point of view ,that trading options on SPY,OEX,QQQQ,IWM,MNX,SPX,XLE ,SMH,BBH in different combination more suited ,if operator have not specific interess
    to e-mini.

    Your respectfully milstar

    your respectfully milstar
  8. you don't know what you are talking about ;) respectfully, t4s
  9. cvds16


    milstar, you have no idea what you are talking about

    edit: funny, i now just saw the previous post
  10. milstar


    Att: to t4s
    Re: You post.

    Dear Sir

    If you asked about Eurex & DAX than clear that author not all knew ,but some .

    1.As you can see in by news author
    win 6th week with 539.90% per week with options on DAX
    ( Win accepted from Germany SEC) Price money +2222 euro

    2.To date author have complaint by Germany SEC against
    Germany options exchange euwax,which controlled 34%
    option trading on DAX (Author win also 3th week
    with +1900%,REsult controlled from SEC ,but not accepted
    from organisator)
    3. Author have had complain in USA against EurexUS

    In future 10 years author will avoid any germany related product.

    If you asked about USA options ,than possibly you have right .
    But can you say precise ,which of staement of the author is
    not relevant ?

    Your respectfully milstar
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