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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by John9999, Jan 17, 2018.

  1. John9999


    I am having customer service issues with IB and I am ready to jump ship. Plus, their intraday margin requitements for ES, NQ, etc... are too high compared to others.

    who has recommendations. I am already considering AMP.
  2. Robert Morse

    Robert Morse Sponsor

    What are your requirements?

    We can offer up to 25% of SPAN for DT on RealTick with rates starting at $0.60/side and accounts starting with $25,000 USD.
  3. Overnight


    I can recommend AMP based only upon my experience with them, and knowing how customer service works. If you speak with them enough, you'll find issues with them, like you would any other broker. After all, they are just humans on the other end, and all humans are subject to their foibles.

    If you have dealt with enough companies in your lifetime, you will realize that no company is perfect. But at AMP at least, they seem as clean-cut and honest as any company can be assuming said human foibles are a given. Predicate upon that.

    P.S. Big note here...Amp is a futures-only FOP-only broker. If you wish to do stocks, OMM and Lightspeed might be for you. Meanwhile, Lightspeed doesn't do futures. Maybe both brokers? Heh.
  4. KeLo


    I would like to try AMP but am concerned about their cyber-security. Last year customer accounts got hacked and the last time I checked, one of their webpages (testimonials) was hijacked by SuDoX.

    I like the IB & TS 2-factor authentication for cyber-security. Cyber-theft is getting worse everyday.

    Maybe AMP (and other futures brokers) can refute my cyber-security fears.
  5. truetype


    For the security questions, mix/match the answers so they can't be easily guessed. For "favorite restaurant," use instead your favorite adult film star, etc.
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  6. Robert Morse

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    Our futures portal at Wedbush futures is read only, has no SS# or EIN. Just your name, address and email. You can also run cash or transactional history. Not much to steal. It is a concern of all of us in the industry. Our Lightspeed Portal has two factor for the equity side.
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  7. Overnight


    I wouldn't worry about it. Hell, Ninjatrader has a major security flaw in NT7 about passwords, and they know about it. Last I heard they have no compunction to fix it. And that one doesn't affect any-one data-feed/broker connection, but all of them. Don't bogart it dude.
  8. Handle123


    I thought N7 was on it's way out anyway? N8 is much better piece of ware.
  9. Overnight


    Now that you mention it, I should check NT8 for it. (NT7 will be supported for years to come, like NT6 was after 7 came out.)
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