Index Elite

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by stepseazy, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. Has any one heard of this firm?

    They posted an add for traders and they did eventually get back to me but I haven't spoken with anyone from the firm.

    They seem to use the T-4 platform, never heard of that...

    Also, are there any other companies that have similar or better programs????
  2. Maverick74


    They are running a similar program to topstep trader. They put their own twist on it.
  3. Maverick,

    Do you know anyone that has used Index Elite? I see the similarity but also some differences:

    $150 vs 120 per month
    $5k initial account size vs $10k, but only 1-2 contracts, only NQ or ES
    2 month paper trade vs 1 month
    loss limit $300 vs $500
    payout 50/50 vs 60/40

    Sounds like a worse deal, plus TST probably has better chat rooms?

  4. Maverick74


    Just from a quick glance, I would be more inclined to go with topstep. They have been around a lot longer and have now backed over 70 traders. Also, I have noticed since they have some nice momentum going they are getting more and more liberal on the combine. I'm actually seeing them back guys that are not even meeting the criteria or even guys just getting lucky. At the beginning they were much more strict and I imagine that Index Elite is still in that strict phase. Also, topstep let's you do custom combines now where you get to choose your own criteria.