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    I am looking for a product that offers a real-time market Index (Nasdaq mainly) buyers/sellers ratio. It is not stock bid/ask ratio. I feel it can help make daytrading entry and exit decision.

    A similar product offered at

    but it is too expensive for small traders.

    Thanks for help.

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    That'll be $50, thank you.

    That's a cool looking indicator, if a bit obscene. Reminds me of Speed Racer (the cartoon, sorry, anime, or was that just a cartoon?) I'll add it to my favorites, under 'Funny', right there next to Spectre Level 8 trading.

  3. Hey! Don't laugh! I just bought these Magus gauges and put
    them in my car! I can trade from there! I am on my way to being
    a multi-millionaire! (Maybe I can finally get rid of my 1969 VW bug)

  4. these fancy icons and flashy animations remember me of SL4
  5. dlu9024 -

    Cute (albeit seemingly of likely little practical use) gauges - looks like the Myst/Riven programmers are now doing trading software.

    Note sure what "market index buyer/seller ratio" you're referencing though.

    My read of their website makes the particular "gauge" that I think you're referring to sound like basically a ratio of bid/ask volume off the L2 data giving you (maybe) a short term volumetric bias.

    And it appears to be stock specific - no reference that I saw about it supposedly working index-wide and since they reference "the book" (i.e., L2 data), it seems all the more likely that it's only stock specific (and only Nasdaq stocks).

    Unless you saw more in their website's description of it than I did, you should be able to get much the same info from a normal L2 histogram. But since MMs and ECNs routinely disguise/hide volume, using the L2 data as a directional indicator is sometimes a crapshoot.

    Good luck.
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    Response: I am not referring to stock bid/ask size ratio. I am referrring market overall buyers/sellers volume ratio. I know someone is using it to help make the entry and exit decision but I am not sure how to get it or get it cheaply. The data may be extracted from Nasdaq Book as it was done with the product listed. thanks for your response.