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Discussion in 'Trading' started by dotslashfuture, Jun 20, 2003.

  1. I looked at and you can get over 3:1 payoff by betting that the nasdaq will close positive today by ANY amount !

    That is very tempting, I tried to open an account today and they are slow getting it done, otherwise I would have laid a little money down. If I was a bookie I don't think I would pay more than 1.5 for that.
  2. Any good way to hedge that bet in the market?
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    I could not find this bet as of today.... They only seem to have end of month and end of year bets. I would be very interested in participating in EOD bets on Nasdaq.

    Does anyone know other betting sites with bigger portfolio of index bets?
  4. today is saturday.

    they run the daily index bets mon-fri on days the market is open.

  5. It's never 3 to 1 on that type of bet. Tell me where you're looking. I know the site well.

    It's usually about 50/50 for any index to close up on any day. I think you're mis-reading something. Tell me where you're looking. Thanks.
  6. The bet for under was going for 75. If you shorted that, your max loss was 25 and your max win was 75.
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    This list is not exhaustive and I have some reservations about posting it here, but the internet is about the sharing of information. You can get in a lot of trouble with using the kind of leverage that these firms will give you. Most of these firms have demo accounts to try out. I do not know about the legality of opening accounts with these firms in the US. As far as I know they are all legitimate entities. Still I would use extreme caution and only invest a small amount to start. I only have demo accounts with some of these sites so far.