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  1. Franky12


    Hi guys,

    I don't know if you know this website, but do you think that it is full independent?

    Let me know your thoughts!!

    Thanks for your input.
  2. Yes, it is fully independant.

    I'm the webmaster who built the site as a hobby. Never seem to get time to get back to add more of the notes and book reviews I've written as I've studied the markets.

    Occasionally, I do get back to research and add more information on trading tools that may help. Many of the tools are collected from in depth online searches, and collected into one place.

    Many of the software products are very popular, and though several are affiliates, and I do get a cut of the sale, this site is not simply a collection of affilate links.

    This is my personal collection of tools I will be using when I do return to trading.

    When will I trade again?


    I need to have Ten Thousand dollars before I think of starting to trade futures again. THEN, I can afford to risk up to $200 per trade, and stay within the statistical risk of ruin.

    Please add your site to my links pages.

    All the best.

  3. monetoz


    That was the question in my mind when I first visited that site. I do not know about the true intentions of this individual but looking purely at content, the site has prominent links to quite a few questionable vendors.
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  5. monetoz


    Well, for starters there's Mikey's Methods which is a proven fraud, exposed by CFTC.

    Then you have Google ads. I know you have no control over what comes up in Google ads but keep in mind what kind of vendors would use pay-per-click advertising to get people to their site - those who are in business of marketing, not trading.

    Having looked at enough of these, I know what an average shady vendor site looks like. It looks like for example. No I don't have the actual beef on this one but Id bet you $100 this is a fraud.

    Next, ie. Look at "Kim", the wife of the mentor. Is it just me, or that's a Photoshopped picture of a man?

    Sigh, need I go on?

    You know, to be honest.. the ultimate testament to the effectiveness of all that "great stuff"... is that you're not trading.
  6. I don't think you understand the difference between facts and libel. I am afraid that you might even pay for that if people running these services learn about your comments. Have you had any experience with them? Have you used their products? Have you suffered losess or have you been taken for a ride by them? I don't think so... But, hey you just reached the level of elite (read: "loser") trader who whines and bitches about vendors and their practices. If you are so good and savvy why do you need them? Sure, some of them are frauds, but it's one thing to base such opinions on some documented experience and another on pure speculation... Why don't you contact that "shady" vendor that runs the forex system site and tell him what you wrote about him on this public site. He might even take your bet and if you are right, you will win $100. But if you are wrong, you might not sound that smug for a long time to come...
  7. Franky12


    ....maybe Douglas Lampi (the owner of the reference website)
    has tried TimeTrap....

    What's your comment about this Douglas?
  8. monetoz


    I respectfully stand by my comments above.

    P.S. electron, if you're so inclined, feel free to let the respective vendors know about my comments.