Independence Day

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ktmexc20, Mar 5, 2006.

  1. My comments from another thread:

    Sadly this is so true. Dominant special interest groups influence our representation in Washington. This has to change for "the people's" representation to be meaningful. Unfortunately, the law makers are the ones influenced, so change for the better is not very promising.

    A "revolution" is in order to drive home our displeasure with elected representation. It will take "the people" getting very pissed off to actually affect a change.

    The Senate, this past week, has demonstrated that "it's politics as usual" in refusing to have an independent body (Office of Public Integrity) oversee the Senate's ethical practices. How can a body effectively and impartially regulate themselves? What a crock of shit!

    Declaring oneself as being an Independent, does not strictly mean voting for third party candidates (though more choices are needed, imo). It means NOT voting along party lines, but being an INFORMED participant in the election process. Hence, KNOW who you are voting for.


    ps. Yes the electoral college is an outdated and defeating concept, and needs to go. One person, One vote.