Independence Day 2 and 3 (movies) being filmed. Will Smith returns in lead...

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    Will Smith goes to Washington. :confused:
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    I wonder if Will Smith's character in 2013 will blame the faltering economy on the alien invasion of 1996, which destroyed many of the world's major cities. Jew & Arabs fought side by side in the great war against the aliens. I wonder if this alliance has since broken down and they're back to normal.

    Assuming the new movie is abut yet another alien invasion, what would there be left to destroy since like half the world's population died in the original movie.
  4. The difference, is Will Smith basically owns Hollywood right now, so he can "afford" designer stubble, and who knows what the stuff in his ears cost.
  5. One WAS a prince and one IS a puppet.......! :eek:
  6. He sucks as an actor but his movies are very good
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    Judging by the ears, it looks like they both have a little Leprechaun in them.

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