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    hi,, i want to set up fund at the beginning as incubator fund, do you know any low cost law firm/administrators. I know greencompany and only, I think i should get in touch with more than 2, to make better decition in term of cost and quality.

    Thank you
  2. more details would help
  3. the1


    Do you currently have any interested investors? If no, an incubator fund is necessary. If yes, an incubator fund is not necessary. The only time you need to do one is if you don't have any funds to currently trade.

    Green & Co is probably one of the cheapest (and they definitely ain't cheap) accounting firms you'll find to do this for you.
  4. nah, try its all you need--green, while competent, are total overkill.

    heck, will give you mid town office space included for the price of green's full blown set up.

    go for it!
  5. That looks like a firm of lawyers and maybe one portfolio manager .... kind of skewed IMO.
  6. What?? You want "portfolio managers" doing legal work?

    makes no sense.
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    I have around 100K of my personal money, no investors yet. planning to set up long /short strategy U.S incubator hedge fund. I hope 1 or 2 years of trade report would help to attract investors.
  8. Only if you have wildly successful, and only if your stats are good (Sharpe, DD, etc.)

    Even then, you will likely find that most people trying this find they cannot get funded. Do some research on similar recent threads like yours, here...