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  2. I am interested in hearing peoples experiences as well!!!
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    I've used Capital Management Law, most of the people there used to work for GreenTrader. I found them very knowlagable and easy to work w/. GreenTrader is a little pushy.
  4. Any idea for the following cost of a Forex fund, approximately?


    TURN KEY HEDGE FUNDS, INC. provides to you:

    * The Turn Key Start up at a fraction of the traditional start-up costs.

    * The turn key back office that permits you to control the general operations while not having the responsibility for the day to day operations.


    The appearance of an ever growing number of FX Market Making houses means that now, FX traders are now able to quickly and efficiently launch their own SPOT CURRENCY HEDGE FUND at minimal expense with minimal regulatory oversight and with ease and efficiency.

  5. I've been practicing law in the fund industry for some time now and have set up funds in the Cayman Islands and in Europe.

    I am not trying to sell you my services, so please don't view this post as a commercial offer. ... it may lead to other interesting possibilities though ... I was an FX trader myself before practicing law (I still trade my own funds now).

    Leave a post with some sort of contact details if you wish to speak about things.

    In regards to turnkethedgefunds, those types of "one size fits all" structures seem very mickey mouse to me.
  6. What's the name of your own FX fund?
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    Very interesting. Thanks all for input
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    I've worked with both as well and would agree wholeheaterdly with Buca's comments.