Incredible Charts - Best Free Charting Software?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by prizmak, Aug 22, 2006.

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    I did use the search function but couldnt find any real solid info on this software. Just entering the realm of trading and would like to know what people started off with in terms of free charting software. I really like the fact that IC still gives free end-of-day data while supporting alot of indicators and really easy printing of charts for table analysis and for later analysis of possible trades.

    I couldnt find any other charting software with such easy to use charting/analysis. Is this the only one? (I'm assuming there arent any others since other charting software has built in order handling and such?)
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    Bigcharts #1, stockcharts good also
  4. Prorealtime?
  5. presently im using choicetrade (unfortunatly) and every time i use there charts i run in to problems, now there saying there giving realtime i go in to the charts and its delayed ! can any one give me good clean REALTIME charting site with the basic t.a stuff ideas would be appreciated thank you, forgot to mention for 20$ or under ...............thank you again
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    There is a free online site called TimeToTrade:

    * It supports UK & US stocks and options

    * You can create price, volume & technical analysis alerts using simple point & click icons. For example you can create an alert that will notify you when a stock's stochastic falls below 20% followed by the price rising above its 20 day moving average

    * Has a unit fund valuation accounts features that enables you to track your investment performance as you add and withdraw money from your trading account etc.

    * You can view the charts from a mobile/cell phone or PDA

    * Notes section for news and trading journal