Incredible 77 Full ES points Call/Prediction in less than 12 hours!

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  1. Tue after the close as per the below post annexed I made a very specific call. It would have required to place 6 trades and I left the Stops to one’s discretion.

    Four of the 6 trades hit targets after some Zig Zags but with ZERO Draw Down! Then at the 828 level I called for profit taking! Hence overall the Trades would have produced 77 Full ES clean points again with Zero DD! All In less than 12 hours.

    This event upset a few persons who collectively started attacking and insulting the OP for the Prediction. Such unfair, envious and resentful attacks discourage me from sharing my experience and expertise with the forum.

    Now I have 2 questions and ask for the posters to please just address these questions and refrain from thread trashing for once!
    1- Do you find the below Trading Calls extremely specific and 100% Tradable or NOT(remember I had left the Stop Loss to the users at their own discretion because everyone has a different Tolerance level from the other(Although in this case NO stops would have been hit regardless))?
    a. As a Disclaimer I mentioned use a Sim. Regardless even paper trading would not have changed the outcome!
    b. Some Absurd people deny the reality that the Call materialized exactly as predicted because I personally did not trade them(which amongst many reasons I do not trade them to remain unbiased but ALWAYS use them as a Trend Indictor for MM purposes very successfully).
    c. Some people accuse that the call was referring random numbers?! Does it? Isn’t random outcome supposed to be 50% and NOT 100% and anytime it exceeds 51% then it is NOT Random?
    d. Etc etc, you be the judge, were the calls 100% Tradable or not?
    2- My other question is, why do people using posts that only include insults and Zero content waste virtual ink and resources to attack someone who has actually contributed very productive Tangible contents? How does it help the forum in general if someone calls me say ignorant, one lot trader and a whole bunch of other names worthy of themselves when all I did was contribute 77 Full ES points to the forum?!!!

    big sigh…

  2. I'll pay particular attention to this thread and delete/remove any posters/comments that do not contribute.
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    Nice call.

    2. Most forums have a number of negative posters but Elite does seem to have more than usual. Is it the nature of the beast because 95% fail? I think mods play a large role in how far it goes and I was suprised to see a mod warning about attacks. Bravo.
  4. First of all, choose the appropriate forum for making calls (predictions) because is not the place for such.

    Secondly, one may wonder why someone is so concern about what others think about their calls (predictions)...

    Attention seeking :confused:

    Simply, you must realize by now that most use for entertainment or venting purposes only.

    Therefore, if making calls (predictions) is important to you or to your actual real money trading...

    Best to do it someplace else that's far from

    Last of all, get a free chat room on IRC or the likes.

    This way you can make all the calls you want and be a moderator of your own chat room to control the problematic posters.

    Many do such very successful so that they don't have to deal with the junk that normally occurs at when calls are made.

    Do not assume ET will clean up it's act nor assume moderators will do it for you when a thread gets too big to's been down hill here for several years and looks to continue that way because it's too difficult for moderators to keep up with all the crap.

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    a good call only matters in real trading, not in forum:cool:
  6. post your blotter where you netted 77 points if your call was so incredible.
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    1) No, not really.

    2) So what's my share of the 77 point "contribution"? You sending me a check or do you need wire instructions?
  8. Ivanovich(Moderator), Thanks for the attention. I really do believe the noisy crowd could be lead to let others benefit more from this excellent forum.

    CJMan, You are right it is the nature of the beast. There are those who need to socialize and/or express themselves who then post without thinking if their post would be informative or useful to anyone.

    NihabaAshi(Mark), My purpose from publishing calls is not to gain attention or recognition. I look at it as a joint effort to improve our trading skills and also it’ll serve as a RT back testing proving to myself if these calls should be followed with more financial commitment than my present way of using them as just trend indicators in my trading. I am not concerned about what others think about my calls but, I am concerned about thread trashing and twisting the facts! is the biggest Trading forum globally and allowing it to become useless does not help anyone. You, I and some others could very easily help put it back on the right track. I wish someone would lead a collective effort to help reduce the noise in ET. The mods are too few to be able to do this on their own but we could calmly and politely help the noise generators to bring it down some.

    Limau2, Your opinion is heard but I do not see any logic in it. Would you say the same about Weather forecasts? Would you trade the grains and the crops without having a feel of the Weather Forecast? A Trading forecast if well founded with proven history can improve your trading 100 folds and more!

    Trader273, I did NOT Net 77 points, in fact in that particular day I lost a k or more but the MM afforded by my calls saved me from losing more. You bring up a very interesting psychological phenomena, why would you trust more in the outcome of my trading than the solid, black and white facts that have occurred and you have witnessed it firsthand. Do you trust my blotter more than your own eyes, observations and the history you have witnessed firsthand and been a part of? There, I just informed you I lost money on that day, now tell me why my prediction that was 100% accurate based on facts never did happened. Are you denying your own T&S or my call was ambiguous and not clear enough for you?

    Lucrum, Please be more specific as to which part of my call was not clear or did not bear very clear tradable instructions. Where is my share of the 77 points I provided you with that should have made you profit from or reduce your losses  ? Since when does one gets paid for receiving money making advise? So, when are you going to pay me my 50% cut?

  9. Without going into too much detail, I'd like to introduce a new or maybe not so new but never talked of approach to trading which based on my research seems to be the most effective approach.

    Not hidden to anyone the markets move in waves, which is the Prime and the Only reason Traders lose money. If the markets were Trending without noisy waves, then 100% of all Traders following a simple 1p MA would have become filthy reach...don't we wish?!

    Hence, IMO there is only one and only one solution to this Wave phenomena!

    More often than not, contrary to the general belief of thinking Mono direction, at any given time there are several Bullish and Bearish signals present that one could take advantage of by being Long and Short if needed at the same time in the same account without breaking the rules and eliminating the need for Stops. All you need to do is read the forensic evidence the market manipulators leave behind. The pump and dump is a classic example.
  10. 3:22 am et, right now a very clear but small example of the above phenomena taking place. The price needs to drop to at least 845 and presently it is being pumped to 854 before being dumped...
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