Increasing risks of world economic engines

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  1. What's the economic impact of destablizing risks in the east and south Asian regions, namely India/Pakistan, Korea, and South China.
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    Not related to stability but probably more impact from anticipation of China slowing - starting to be seen in shipping, petrochem steel stocks in Asia - many fund managers were buying stocks in other countries as proxies due to effect of China demand on regional pricing. Look at ATC TTA SSI in Thailand (add BK or TB for Bloomberg Reuters). Strangely enough the first place I looked for impact of Chen shooting in Taian was Yahoo to see if it was causing the same alarm outside the region as it was on a local web board.
  3. Use Iraq as a measure.

    The US, by not being an economic leader, and at the same time, arrogantly casting aside all partners to practice warmongering, has incurred 200 billiion direct effect on the downside. Indirect and induced effects atee each multiples of the direct effect. The substitution effect is measured in lost allies in forwarding economic partnerships.

    Econometrically this is one of those rare instances where you do not net substitution against the sum of direct, indirect, and induced values.

    The US abrogated the greatest single economic opportunity in the history of the US and the globe for that matter. In fact, the balance of payments could have been recognized and used to weld foreseeable future term relationships empowering and leveraging the free enterprise system under US leadership.

    The US seeded the global economy with its cash flow out to the world with the unfavorable balance of payments. We also became the greatest debtor nation. Now the governmental aspect of the US economic thrust have arrived in the basement vis a vis interest rates, tax reduction, incurring excessive debt at highest rates, and arrogantly pouring capital into war rather than diplomacy and invincible coalitions to support improving the quality of life to ameliorate terrorism.