Increasing my shorts and puts on all positions

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jackstone54, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. Thats it for me boyz and girlz. Ill be back on Monday. Im not leaving the office just yet, but going to stick around and have a good laugh as the spy flames into the close.

    I never thought that GE would be the next shoe to drop. hehe. I knew something was coming, but not GE. If you bought GE about 5 years ago, save for what you made on those TAXABLE dividends, you are now staring at a zero return.

    I have these re-occurring visions as all these tenured money managers lined up on Bloomberg and CNBC stating what a great buy GE was. OH man, what does that say for today's hedge fund manager?

    All of them seem to be idiots and are no better then these daytrading fools that load up on margin. Look at the Bear Stearns idiots and bring that chart up.

    How do you go from 150 to a few dollars to buy a happy meal within the course of a few months?
  2. nothing wrong with GE,
    its been a behmeath for the past 20 years, they should recede a little but their culture has always made them stronger in the future.
  3. Do you mean Basemath, the daughter of Elon the Hittite, and one of the three wives of Esau?
  4. GE would be a great break-up candidate into it's seemingly unrelated operating divisions. One plus one doesn't equal three.
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    Nice call Jack. People should give credit where it's due. I am glad you back up the truck on this call. The market's pop yesterday to really shake out the weak bears. That's why trading is so tough with all the head fakes. And that's the reason traders should never trust the market and just do your thing.