Increase in Market Data Fees and Exchange Transaction fees. EFFECTIVE 2-01-2020

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    CME Increases Market Data Fees for (CME, CBOT, NYMEX, & COMEX) to $10.00 a month per exchange or $30.00 for the bundle for NON PRO users.

    Also CME is increasing exchange transaction fees per side for stock index futures. All information for CME increase in fees can be found here:

    Feel free to contact me if you need ideas / markets that have lower costs
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  2. Overnight


    Do you have a link to the notice from their communication group? I haven't received this notice from there, and am surprised. (Unless I'm not signed up for that type of notice.)
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    Seriously, I've never seen such a self-serving pigs than CME. What, they're not satisfied raking in big money from giving special access to the HFTs? Absolute pigs.
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    Announced by SER on 12/02
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    pfft, just as equity trading adopts a commission free structure these guys get greedier.
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    You wanna' play you gotta' pay? Hehe