Increase estate tax and lower income taxes?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by smilingsynic, Feb 23, 2009.

Increase estate taxes or decrease income taxes?

  1. Yes, increase estate taxes and with those funds decrease income taxes

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  2. No, do not increase the estate tax to fund an income tax cut

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  1. I support HIGHER estate taxes and LOWER income taxes because I value hard work, not handouts.

    Taxing labor penalizes those who work and work hard (like those who work for a living)

    Not taxing inheritance rewards those who are lucky not to have to work (like Paris Hilton).

    I am curious as to how many here would support an increase on the estate tax (while keeping the 3 million plus exemption), which would fund an income tax cut.

    Please take the poll. Thank you.
  2. I nominate this thread and the logic behind it as the WORST post ever on ET.

    Who in their "right" mind would actually argue
    for "double-taxation" of its citizens?

    Looks like the market isn't the only thing making new lows, so is ET and some of the ridiculous failed logic that has been appearing lately.

    How absurd.
    My IGNORE list is making new highs!