Incorrect EOD Option Quotes by IB

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Quark, Feb 12, 2007.

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    In TWS, the closing quote for ES and NQ options (and perhaps other GLOBEX contracts) uses the settlement price from two days prior instead of the previous day's settlement price. This results in incorrect figures in the "change" column when compared to the previous day.

    Perhaps the issue is trading resumes 15 minutes after each day's close so the final settlement price isn't posted by the CME before the next day's trading begins. (This doesn't excuse having it wrong on Monday morning, though.)

    It's not a super big deal, because I obviously know the price where my trades are executed. Has anyone else discussed this or brought it to IB's attention?

    I sent it in about a week ago by e-mail and oher than a "bot" acknowledgement, I've received no reply or update. How long does IB usually take to correct something like this (assuming they will)?
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    Quark, i'll majke it quick.

    some of thierQQQQ,SPY... volume quotes have been wrong for many, many months, fortunately vol is secondary.

    Option quotes [Especially]may be off with any broker, i always use 2 brokers;
    & figure the most favorable price is the one to use & specialize in a few plus underlyings so many times you catch errors easily:cool:
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    Thanks, MTT. What's interesting is that in this case (futures options), the prices shown by IB match what the CME has for the settlement price, it's just a day off.
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    Sorry to bump this thread back, but it appears the issue is resolved, and I wanted to give IB credit for fixing it.

    Yesterday, (Thursday) after regular trading hours (RTH) IB reported Wednesday's closing prices, but after the CME option prices settled Thursday, IB correctly reported Thursday's closing prices today.

    Also, even with all the volatility we've seen this week, I had no issues with TWS keeping up. (I've got a good DSL connection and a newer PC.)