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  1. Has anyone heard or attended their seminar ( by Mike Coval)? My buddy bought their Elite package (with coaching) for $30,000, with a guarantee to make the money back. Does anyone know anything more about this?
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  2. fan27


    Your "buddy" got ripped off big time.
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  3. gkishot


    You friend should know better.
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  4. Daal


    There is a 99% chance this 'package' is not worth more than $50 (ie you could just bought an options book and learned the same thing). Talk to a trusted lawyer to see if you can sue to get the money back
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  5. gaussian


    Does your friend also buy bridges? I have a few I'd be willing to part with for the right price.
  6. ph1l

    Maybe they never heard of bid-ask spreads or expense ratios?:rolleyes:
  7. Sounds like a potential scam to me. Do your due diligence.
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  8. IAlwaysWin


    People actually fall for that scam?
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  9. faet


    Ask your buddy to show you the guarantee to make 30,000 USD back. If you can share it here it would be of interest, even if only for curiosity's sake.

    If he does not have it, or it can't be shared, draw your own conclusions.
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  10. dealmaker


    Michael Coval lives in Vietnam, good-luck with that!
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