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  1. I have about $50K in savings now just earning 3% interest. I started reading options trading book and realized I might be able to earn a higher return with low risk using hedging or various advanced options strategies.

    What strategies are best if I want to utilize this money to generate a consistent monthly income?
  2. Here we go.
  3. The best strategy to achieve that is leaving it in your fixed deposit earning a consistent 3%.
  4. We have a winner
  5. trapstar


    Deposit that 50k in my offshore Panamanian account and I will send you 50 bucks a month worth of ghey porn :D
  6. People dont want to hear it took that long, dont you know people like quick and easy things and not making any sacrifices :D

  7. Put your money in stocks like MOS and VISA

    no risk no reward
  8. Write calls.:eek:

    No, Just kidding! You were given the correct advice from makloda.