Income Tax is Unconstitutional

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  1. your article comes up blank??
  2. Strange I just clicked on the link and it worked for me? Try scrolling down or just google Irwin Schiff. He lost a long drawn out suit against the government and he is going to prison for not paying tax. He is one of the most famous tax protestors of all time.
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    So if you can easily find this on Wikipedia, why can't a judge just hand this to someone to show them this is where it says you have to pay income taxes in the law???

    Are people that lazy not to show others the law when asked about it?

  4. Well you are right that it WAS unconstitutional. I believe the founding fathers would not have approved.

    By 1913 the politicians decided to change that due to funding needs for ...guess what? World War I. At the time it was only 1%. and they claimed it was a temporary measure.

    Think of that the next time you hear a politician lie to you.
  5. Jonathan


    It'd be a lot cooler to have a computer voting system and just let the people vote on what they want done. It'd be fast and fun. :)

    We'd get a lot done and could fix things if we made a bad decision.

    Just use some of that income tax money and buy everyone who doesn't have a computer, a little wireless voting machine or something.

    We could all vote nightly. haha... not a completely bad idea. ;)
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    A totally bad idea.

    Those few people who are capable of thought would be at the mercy of loons and rabble.
  7. Jonathan


    True, but using the same arguement, why should they get to vote for politicians either?

    Madness. :(
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