Income gap widens between rich & poor

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  1. When you tax the wealthy, tax business, raise tariffs, mandate wages and benefits, you lock in the ruling class. It makes it more difficult for the middle class to move up.
  2. Yeah, well I'm pretty sure the whole trickle-down philosophy is in the ditch. So obviously we need to come up with a new idea. Revolution..? It's worked in the past.
  3. Really now. How bad is socialized health care? Places like Canada, France and Britain. Are they really that bad off? Maybe they're just less greedy.
  4. lol, but true.
  5. If you're poor they are good, If you have money they suck.
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    Not quite. Under the idealized version of socialism, sure everyone shares the misery. But it never seems to work out that way - instead the ruling class still gets their share. As socialism is less productive than capitalism, all the plebs get to share less under socialism.
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    Interestingly, is there a bigger divide in income than in Hollywood? So many actors struggling to make it, yet some get hundreds of millions of dollars for a single movie.

    If we are going to "fix" income disparity, that looks like a fine place to start.

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  8. Income is a proxy for productivity, therefore the gap is increasing between the productive and least productive.
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