INCA in Supermontage?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by hmap1, Jul 15, 2002.

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    Does anyone know if INCA is participating in Supermontage? I have seen no commitments as of yet and personally I hope they stay away from it. Someone has to step up to the plate and stop this monopoly. I know there merging partner is on some level, but what about INCA?
  2. Well, take a wild guess. INCA is owned and run by NASD, and just bought yeah, they will both be taking part.
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    Gee, that's not a monoploy or anything........
  4. Yeah, Island was the last really good ECN to be of any competiton to INCA....hence the buyout.

    Its funny how the ads for ISLD on CNBC say that 'we'made island (as traders). Yeah, well now we will get fucked sooner or later by the new owners of it.
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    INCA (Instinet) is a public company (symbol:INET) - it is not owned by the NASD
  6. Yeah you're right...but on to the monoply thing....INCA own part of ARCA, all of ISLD, is part of the Reuters Group, owns LJR, Protrader Group LP, and investments in others.

    They try to maintain a very neutral approach to what they do through their research depts, etc....but look at their connections...research, trading, clearing, news (reuters), IPOs (an investment they have in Hambrecht), and other ECNs.

    Talk about empire building through acquisition... If you cant beat em, buy em. (ISLD)
  7. Maybe INCA is secretly owned by the NASD who is secretly owned by the Trilateral Commission.

    The only thing that's not a secret is that INCA got thier a** kicked by the other ECN's
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    Inca will be the largest ECN with over 2 billion shares traded last month. Now with ISLD they will do about 5 Billion shares a month.

    I trade mainly with INCA now. They provide great liquidity. More that ISLD. It is much easier to get filled on INCA with a 10k or more than with ISLD. ISLD does not accept orders larger than 10k. ALso is you input a large trade on isld (even with a hide order) it is mostly traded by daytraders so When traders hit ISLD and ISLD continuously refreshes, traders get scared and start hitting the bid.

    So its better to trade with institutions than with scary day traders.

  9. ISLD does take orders largers than 10k, I have placed bids and offers up to 50k with ISLD.
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    hans, i know what you mean. INCA is great for NOT getting those damn 50 share fills i get with ISLD. Either you get 500 shares, 1000 or multiples of that. I hate getting 651 shares when i want 1000. It is nice to have the option out there, though.

    Don't get me wrong, i wish they weren't merging, the more competition the better. In the end they don't give a hoot about the traders or the customers, but their own bottom line.

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