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  1. Inandlong made several requests of me in the Holy Grail thread.

    I was prevented from replying there for some reason. This is the place he is going to get my reply.
  2. Request: "put up or shut up"

    Inandlong has made a mistake by demanding this of me. It certainly puts me in a place that is unfair. I actually feel unwelcome at this point.

    What and how I do things is the cause of his request. I am required to follow a detailed scenario that he requests instead of my "process" style. I create enabling pictures and not MFR's. He posts a set of requests that cover the waterfront and asks me to certify a GM trade scenario that I now have to reproduce from scratch including adding three indicators and a blue line located at a point in time. I have to use my photographic memory to ace this, in fact.

    So be it.

    I am going to put up.
  3. Overview

    The graphic shows 9 trades on an EOD data chart.

    The long term formation is a double top.

    A buy and hold startegy produces results equal to about 1/3 of the criteria of Mr Market. If you exit on the left peak of the double top using a buy and hold strategy the money becomes available for use elsewhere.

    I do not hold during drawdowns so I would have teaded 9 times and I assume inandlong made nine trades as well. thre are no annotations or marking on the chart except the blue line as you can see but I cannot as this point.

    Conclusion: trading over three months to make one cycle from 36 to 42 is not a viable trade for anone investing money to make money. Holding through a double top is unusual. I find that to be a fault just as I find not doing the chart as nine profitable trades. This is a negative assesment and comment. The opportunity cost on this example is very high as well.
  4. You were not prevented from posting per se. The servers have been slow and timing out. And note that I deleted the post within one minute of posting it because I did not phrase things appropriately.

    I apologize to you that you saw my rant. I am pleased, and I know many others will be too, to know that you are going to "cut to the chase" and post your method. I enquoted those words because you said that is what you are doing in your last post in the Holy Grail thread.

    We look forward to your method and thank you for your contribution.

    Btw, I don't see the graphic.

    As for the GM chart, the light blue verticle line is at a NR7/ID day. From your post on Holy Grail, I was unsure about your reference:

    I put up the GM chart as a means of either confirming or refuting your claim. If your claim that the entry is obvious and this is a good trade, then the chart confirms your claim. If you are saying the NR7/ID trade is not a good trade, then this refutes your claim. I leave you the out.

    Using the nifty means by which you draw trendlines re: previous charts you have posted, one would have been able to capture over 5 points from GM in about 4 weeks during this obvious parabolic move. My minimum size is 2k shares per unit, so this unit returned 10K in 4 weeks. There have not been any NR entries since the end of the parabolic move, and the trader would not be holding anything, except 10K more than before for that unit of money.
  5. dbphoenix


    So, in other words, there's no downside to being banned. Just change your name and reboot.

    Good to know for future reference, though I wonder why we went through all that.
  6. nkhoi


    for future reference like you said :D

  7. Your attention is called to a question baron posed. Actually what is important for you to see is that I am fulfilling a request made by baron with regards to you. Go to the bottom forum and get acquainted with what is coming up.

    Let me expand my response just above to allow you to understand more clearly what I am saying.

    I do not agree with your specification of the demands you are making of me for me to be able to participate in ET under your control. Your specifications do not promote learning on the part of others.

    You need to learn something here in ET and in your life. What you posted was absolutely extraordinary and totally uncalled for. It was wrong and it was not true.

    When I say I am going to put up. You should read that clearly as "I am not going to shut up".

    I have absolutely no, absolutely no, tolerance for any more of you. You cannot imagine the consequences of your intemperate ways on innocent people. Especially those to whom you render arbitrary aid when they are totally irrational in their viewpoints. You actually reinforce anti social behavior in this forum.

    Get the picture of how what I type here is going to do to affect you. You are complying here at this point. You were smart enough to repost that GM graph. You were smart enough to apologize as a start.

    I have never read such a set of vindictive comments in my life. I am busting my ass at every turn to comply with the wants and needs of an entire set of people like you in this forum. I never initiate threads except for a time like now. I respond to people with my considered viewpoints and I try my best to provide to those people answers to their concerns. I post what I know and practice. I am explicite and detailed in my support in a "process" orientation. Leraning is a process and it involves work. Doing stuff over and over until you get the picture of what and why you are doing it.

    You do not get it that people can work earnestly to contribute and all of them do not have to have the same viewpoint or your viewpoint. No one has to agree with anyone else. What I do is carry my constructive views forward and because of my experience mentoring since 1960, I am familiar with a few of the pitfalls that people run into.

    You tell me to put up or shut up. That's what you say to me. I do not accept your apology. You have gone too far. You posted that long list of requirements and, in fact, they are not of any value in the final analysis. What you posted was ill conceived and out of line.

    Now, and thoroughly, we are going to deal with the consequences.

    I am going to run this thread in the trading forum. Keep out of this forum. Do not post here and do not take any actions relative to my posts. I know the rules. I follow the rules.

    You posted a character assassination in this forum. I had to read it. I read it and now I am going to meet your request like nothing you have ever seen before in your life. every day here I am going to proceed and make this thread the premier thread of ET and you keep out.

    I am exhibiting here and now total unquestionable fairness after having read a post that literally assassinates all I stand for and what I think are excellent and outstanding methods in two areas of consideration: short term equities trading and intraday futures indexes trading. I am posting prints and PnL's to back up everthing. You say my attachments aere nothing. They are the best a person could get here.

    Stay out of this thread from this point on. You posted. I read it. You apologized. I am rejecting your apology totally and completely.

    You have made a mistake and there are consequences. It is absolutely clear to me that people like you who have your responsibilities and who break the rules, can be swiftly taken care of according to the rules. That is not going to happen. I do not count for anything around here. If I did there would be a recognition of that.

    I am a contributor. I am successful. I have a viewpoint. I requested fairness for months and months and months. I have never gotten treatment that is fair. I was treated absolutely unfairly and you are now on point one more time. you take up the torchy yet once again. you put forth an assassination of character in a place you control. You back people who are less than almost anyone here except you.

    Now we deal.
  8. I was put under duress by a lot of people who went overboard to play their games.

    I requested fair treatment and did not get any relief from the character assassination that continued to procede.

    It continued for about 293 pages in a threasd that started when someone here set it up to take my comments out of another thread that person had started or something like that.

    I responded inkind to the contining assasssination under way.. I was thrown out without being informed etc.

    You and your buddies with inandlo0ng on point provided the complaints that precipitated my being axed.

    Now there is a complaint category next to the word quote. This facilitates more of what you do to others.

    I am hoping that all the people like you guys can learn to press the ignore button on my name.

    At this point inandlong has crossed the line a lot further than I ever crossed it.

    What ET needs is people to ignore those they do not like or dissagre with or whatever. Then they will not be impelled to make comments that do not contribute to the well being of others.

    There is a class of people here who feel compelled to call me an asshole and a bullshitter. They call others arrogant bastards. Terrific, you and your kind are an insult to ET.

    I know the rules and I have posts deleted by moderators at this point. That is not going to stop. Moderators do not allow viewpoints that they disagree with.

    There are a group of people here who just have to step in to protect others from the comments of people they dissagree with. They are noblese oblige types who are required, because of their superiority to put others down.

    It turns out a lot of people here, newbies or otherwise, that are capable of going about their business.

    For inandlong to tell me to put up or shut up as his moderator tactic is over the line; then he marches further and does a character assassination to just tie the package up.

    What ET needs is to improve whenever there is an oppportunity. You and inandlong can start your complaints again and see if you get me thrown out. Go for it. Both of you are on my case as everyone sees. File away. I am within my priveledges here at this point and you are not.
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    Glad to see you're your own megalomaniacal self, Jack. Just the sort of person a newbie would want as a mentor. :p
  10. Hey Jack, I have at some stage realized that it's simply a waste of time to waste energy or thought on these [certain people].

    You don't need to deal with'em. I suggest you just ignore them and walk all over them with excellence. If you do, they will just fade like demons being hit by the first rays of sunlight. It's all they are. Part of a large community of wannabe-traders (and wannabe-trading moderators) that get their little bit satisfaction from annoying and chasing people who think different. That's all they have. Just don't be annoyed. Whenever somebody is excellent, he will inevitably have a bunch of dwarves hanging off his collar, it's a lesson of history. Take their food away. Ignore them.

    Go ahead and show them you know better.

    There are quite a few people who know that the Jack Hershey's Strategies forums on MSN are better these days than ET, not least thanks to the moderation here. Quite a few people have gotten pretty upset about ET lately, and some of the most excellent traders have stopped posting or even frequenting here. I won't go in on this, but "No Gloves" Inandlong knows what I mean. I haven't posted much here for a while, either. And I don't know what's the problems with Jack's theories. Clearly, these ar e people commenting out of mis-information or lack of it - one of the most common reasons for conflict in the world. The Hershey forums are great, everything is explained, people help each other with SCT, plus you get actual PalTalk with Jack identifying, calling, confirming and discussing the situations.

    Come on Jack, don't let a handful of bozo's do your head in. Everybody's darling is nobody's darling. Thumbs up!

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