inandlong gone ???????

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TKOtrader, Apr 14, 2003.

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  1. i received a pm from inandlong saying that he was out, retiring his moderator status, deleting all his ET cookies, and told me good luck with my trading !

    i went to the ''strategy trading'' forum page and his name is no longer listed as the moderator

    say it isnt so !!!

    did an ET'er piss off inandlong ?? did he mean he's out of trading or just ET ? whats going on with him ??
  2. This is indeed a sad day in ET history. :(
  3. inandlong was the BEST moderator here. He was a good guy, and this website needed more moderator's with his intelligence, compassion, rational thinking etc.

    He will be missed, and ET is WORSE without him.

  4. very true !!
  5. I agree with you guys. He's a good guy in my book. :-/
  6. I'm not sure what happened. We used to talk pretty much daily and then he was suddenly absent from AIM. I will say this about him -- there aren't many people who are intelligent, cool and down to earth, but he was definately a class-A guy.

    I hope I hear from him sometime. He's simply awesome.

  7. same here aphexcoil,
    he slowly but surely started to disapear from AIM. i may know why, but maybe he was just losing his focus.
  8. jester

    jester Guest

    ...amen brother...he helped me a lot in my trading and I considered him a mentor and role model...he will be missed

    J - :(
  9. I really wish he was kidding. I hadn't talked to him in a while and had just PM'ed him right before this thread was posted. He was one of the most generous and respected people on ET and he will be missed sorely.
  10. Maybe our good man is just taking a break - don't stay gone to long inandlong.:(

    Hopefully, he will return - I remember once, a while back, "rs7's ***last*** thread" :D
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