Inactivity Fee (IBKR)

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    Does ibkr charge inactivity straight from your ibkr account or bank balance? And if it's from my account, how do they charge it if all of my money are already being used to buy securities?
  2. Dang they have an inactivity fee? When does it apply?!
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    It's $10 per month if you don't have $10 in commissions for that month if your balance is under $100K. Even if you had $7 in commissions, it would then only be $3.

    The money is taken from the brokerage account. If you have zero cash, you would then have a negative cash balance.
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    Does anyone know how much IB charge RT for the YM?
  6. Overnight


    $1.70 USD + relevant fees on their fixed tier schedule.
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  7. Thank you! I'm all good lol.
  8. Margin.
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    One more question, is it taken the same day as a margin interest? which is every third business of the month?
  10. For me the inactivity fee is taken on the first day of the month. Same day data fee is debited.

    And for those who asked above inactivity fee is after 3 months with no trades.

    Also, it should be relatively easy to get the fee waived the first time. It was for me
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