Inactive account ( $0 balance) with MB trading

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by cooldude123, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. I just relized I opened an account with MB trading about 2 years ago - never funded it but did sign the papers. Any chance I'd be in for a surprise if I call monday to finally fund my account ?
    The site says no maintainance fees and no inactivity fees, so it looks like I should be ok, but just wanted to check with anyone who uses their service before.

    Anyone ever have a unfunded account with MB trading? I just don't want to call and then find out they charged me some inactivity fee ... :mad:
  2. drcha


    I have a funded account with MB trading. I am thinking seriously of closing it, due to difficulty with trade execution. I've had many, many instances when their system does not allow me to trade--it says I have insufficient cash, or something like that. I always have plenty of cash in there. I therefore call on the phone and they place my trade for me without charging extra. While they are quite gracious and willing to do this, it's obviously a waste of my time and I sometimes do not get the price I wanted. In each conversation with them about this problem, they have admitted that they are aware of this glitch and are working on it. However, it's been going on for months. It may not be that important if you don't trade actively. And one good thing I have to say is that they recalculate trailing stops every minute or two, so I can feel confident that these will be executed.
  3. 2ticks


    Nah, there won't be any surprise fees or the likes.
    However, you should expect to sign updated paperwork before you will be allowed to trade.