In Windows when you search for files, Automatic internet connection is established ??

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    Do not bother me with things I already thought about.

    No I don't have trojan.

    I don't have any windows or software updates, nor time synchronization enabled etc

    I set out to track every single packet that my computer receives and sends.

    Voila ........when you use search for internal HD files, your computer automatically contacts Microsoft servers and transmits data.

    Why ?

    What are they transmitting ?

    Go ahead test this yourself if you don't believe me.
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    You can get around this by using FIND command in CMD

    But you shouldn't have to. That's the point.
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    here is how to use find

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    I can't wait for some small man to show up and say how this is a conspiracy theory :p and not real (just like 9/11 inside job is a theory only)

    Please don't keep me waiting, show up

    Gosh people are dumb. I think a while lot of you should roll over and make room for the rest of us with a brain.
  5. If you want to really find out what's in the network traffic you think is being generated, then install wireshark. It is a sophisticated packet sniffer and it's free. But you will probably need to devote some time into learning how to interpret what you see. Good learning exercise.
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    thx I'll look into it
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    I've tried restarting windows after change to classical search under preferences

    sometimes microsoft bothers users with stupid restart to put into effect something you enabled or disabled


    Search still sends data every time
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