In which type of systems do you trade in?

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In which type of systems do you trade in?

  1. End of Day (EOD) systems

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  2. Intra-day systems

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  3. Both the above systems

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  1. Gyles


    This thread wishes to find out the types of systems being traded by traders. In order to make things clear, the above systems have been clarified as below:

    a) End of day (EOD) systems includes "entering/exiting on a stop during the day and only the entry points were known in the previous night".

    b) Intra-day systems means, "you are trading using data less than the daily bars".
  2. that dont sound like a "type" of system to me

    you are asking what timeframes are mainly tradet
    by ET's

    a type of system to me could be
    a. trendfollowing
    b. countertrend
    c. breakout etc...

    even if you would like to know the timeframe's there
    are more options then the 2 you have stated above

    a. scalping
    b. intraday
    c. midterm
    d . swingtrades
    e. longterm

    what you will get by your poll isn't more as
    a. i am a daytrader
    b. i am not a daytrader

    is that what you want ?

    this tread will give you very litle information about the
    behaviour of ET members

    you didnt even include
    the option of C. BOTH in your poll as i am sure many
    will go for diversification as i do so i will not anticipate
    in your poll
  3. Gyles


    Sincere thanks for your valuable and helpful inputs, flyingdutchmen :)

    However, unfortunately, you can not edit the poll once created, so am creating a new thread based on the same line.
  4. How do you use ET poll data? Do you go against the majority or with it?
  5. The poll is OK if you could ask the administrator to add an "other" option.

    Many stock traders and also futures traders, like trend followers, use EOD data only. For example, the users of gold TC2007, an EOD stock scanning service by Worden Bros, form one of the largest communities of position traders that rely solely on EOD data and fundamental data AFAIK.
  6. Gyles


    ivanbaj, the aim of the poll is not to go with or against the majority but rather to gain insightful knowledge of the traders approach and strategies so as to improve and expand one trading knowledge.
  7. Gyles


    Sincere thanks for your valuable suggestion and inputs. It has been very helpful and saves a lot of effort as the thread is already active. Shall do as you say and request the moderators to add the other option as "c) Both the above systems.". Thanks! :)
  8. I try to diversify both over time frames and frequency. I'm most active in intraday system, but have systems that have held positions as long as 18 months.
  9. Gyles


    Can we safely predict from the poll results that over 70% of the people day trade?