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    Well they certainly were 50/50 when I posted this. Maybe publicity got the wonks to beat up the nutcases.

    I encourage folks to go see for themselves. The links still work. Check the dates. The masses agree, until this becomes public then the enforcers march in to restore order.

    Just imagine what nonsense is currently being propagated there. Once it's pointed out, it is denounced of course, but until then the lunacy is encouraged. You've just seen a fine example of it right here. For instance, here's a loser above calling me a liar for posting what the left has said.

    And thanks for the bump, Doo.
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  2. Don't be ridiculous, now you are beginning to sound like a conspiracy theorist whom you so love to hate. Which does not surprise me though, it takes right wing wackos to be interested in what left wing wackos have to say.

    Dailykos is an open community, every idiot is allowed to post any kind of garbage, what's important is how people respond to it and in this specific case overwhelming majority rejected the allegations, some actually accused the diarist of being a Rove's operative.
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    So it's more free than most liberal places where every post is scrutinized and sanitized?
    The majority did not respond overwhelmingly against this diatist until well after it I posted it here. Indeed, the majority was evenly split, as anybody can tell by reading the dates of the posts. You cannot hide the fact that this was widely accepted and approved of by multiple members of the site. Sure, it's utter nonsense, but it's the same utter nonsense that has been presented by the left all during this entire thread.

    I think maybe you misunderstand me. My goal is not to defeat the left. My goal is to convince the left to reign in these retards at least to the point where we can still have a two party system. Right now, the left has left reality and is sailing hard for insanity, and that is really not good for the USA. A two party system is bad enough, for God's sake we don't need a one party one. Bring these guys back to reality!
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  5. I don't know what other liberal places you have in mind but dailykos is virtually not scrutinized and sanitized. 90% of participants are not into conspiracy theories although there always are a few bad apples. There are no bad apples on republican blogs though, they are banned. You don't have to believe in conspiracies to be banned from freerepublic or redstate, all you need to do is critisize Bush.

    Fine, but as I said before they don't represent the left, they are bad apples. When majority of dailykos participants respond to her diary telling her that she's an idiot, rove's operative and should delete the diary, how is that for reigning in? What else do you expect them to do?
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    Should they really disagree with her, and consider that diary as looney as I do, they should axe the diary, or certainly post some sort of official notice of moonbattery or somesuch. But this stuff is as common as sand on theses blogs. These folks are flaming loonies.

    Now show me the right wing version of this. I suppose you can link to some white supremist site, but it won't have 10% of the traffic that KOS has, nor will there be Republicans with blogs who post there. Fact is, there is no right wing version of the lunatic liberal blogs. One might be able to pull up some lunatic site, but it won't have the traffic and it certainly will not be linked to and referred to by Republicans, as KOS is by Democrats.

    Further, this sort of stuff does represent the folks who run many of the liberal blogs. They are nuts. But they seem to be pulling in the dollars, and the DNC does seem to be afraid of moving too far from them. That's not good. In `08 the DNC nominee will have to take the party to the center to win. But that means fighting the blogs. Unless the lunatics are run out of the party in `06 or shortly after the loss, `08 will be a major defeat for the left. Then the right will abandon any pretense of smaller government, and we'll have a 10 or 12 trillion dollar debt by 2010.

    But who cares. There's maybe a million (at most) folks who'd rather take care of themselves than rely on the government to do so. 99% of the country is cool with being wards of the state, in one form or another.
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    Some on the left are challenging the kooks. Good luck, he'll need it. It's a long, difficult and thankless task.
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    Still bumping your own thread?

    Carry on, someone has to.
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    Ward Churchill II - another fine example of mainstream liberalism today:

    Your main poster "Communism killed 100,000,000" is not only untrue, but ignores the fact that CAPITALISM has killed many more and the evidence for that can be seen in the daily news papers.

    Real freedom will come when soldiers in Iraq turn their guns on their superiors and fight for just causes and for people's needs. . .

    Catch that part about how they support the troops - when they shoot their officers?
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