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    The left stages a rally in Berkley. Warning, R rated and definately not work safe.
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    LMAO! Thanks for the pictures of the freak show. Good thing I already had lunch before I looked at those pics. Wait - I feel like throwing up.......
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  3. I thought this was pretty funny and typical:

    CAFTA battle is coming to N.C.
    U.S. Rep. Robin Hayes, a Republican from Concord whose grandfather founded the Cannon Mills textile firm, also will oppose CAFTA.

    "What does CAFTA sound like? NAFTA," he said. "It's not in the best interests of a core constituency I represent."


    Mr. Robins has also made a another quote about driving through one of his districts, seeing empty plants and stating he would not vote for CAFTA.

    Yesterday, he voted for CAFTA.

    Another interesting tidbit about this guy still says Saddam was involved with 9/11. What's in the water in North Carolina?
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    Yeah, what can you expect from a guy named Robin? My district don't vote for that songbird. One thing about the Carolinas (and maybe the South in general), there are plenty of politicians supposedly in the GOP but vote and say things to help out the DNC. Even in Charlotte, our mayor is supposedly Republican, but he spends money with both hands, and loves to raise taxes. In the metropolitian South, apparently Republican means Democratic Light.

    In further weirdness, Howard Dean (Chairman of the Democratic National Commitee) told some major lies about Bush and the Republicans:

    "The president and his right-wing Supreme Court think it is 'okay' to have the government take your house if they feel like putting a hotel where your house is." Dean said.

    Of course, astute observers of the government already noted that our current president has not yet appointed anybody to SCOTUS, and further it is the liberal justices which approved Kelo. Dean's lying like Baghdad Bob. It's his party that thinks they know best what to do with your land.

    So after he tells that huge lie, he goes on to say:

    "We are Democrats because we have moral values."

    I guess he's trying to completely erase any credibility the DNC ever had.

    source link.
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  6. In their own words:

    "It must be very strange to be President Bush. A man of extraordinary vision and brilliance approaching to genius, he can't get anyone to notice. He is like a great painter or musician who is ahead of his time, and who unveils one masterpiece after another to a reception that, when not bored, is hostile."
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  8. Current poll:

    Poll: USA doubts Iraq success, but not ready to give up

    "By 58%-37%, a majority say the United States won't be able to establish a stable, democratic government in Iraq.

    About one-third, 32%, say the United States can't win the war in Iraq. Another 21% say the United States could win the war, but they don't think it will. Just 43% predict a victory."


    People are slowly seeing things more clearly. Too bad for red staters, its going to take a little longer for them.
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    Democrats wisely accept their loss in the Bolton appointment, and move on. Sort of.
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