In the US more men then women get raped.

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    Then...don't go to prison.
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    I thought you were going to tell me some place where I could go get raped by beautiful women. What a letdown.
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    Max E.

    Kind of like when you hear the stories about the hot female highschool teacher having sex with her male student.

    If you ask me, instead of sending the female teacher to jail in those cases, where it is going to cost the tax payers money, what they should do is create a private all boys high school, where those teachers get sent to teach for a few years, and "get it out of their system," so to speak.....

    Think about it, the government could run the school, and charge an arm and a leg in order for guys to sign up, such a school could probably drastically reduce the deficit, what highschool aged guy wouldnt want to go to that school? :D

  4. The strangest element to the whole situation is that many of these women are above average in the looks some instances, they are knock-outs. One would assume that the kind of women who would risk everything for a high school kid would be the "coyote ugly" types...but that seems to rarely be the case.
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    Max E.

    I agree that it is strange, it probably has to do with the predatory aspect. I mean, if it is a male teacher who is trying to have sex with a female student, he is most likely doing it using his power over the girl to get there, and in that situation it is absolutely deplorable, and the teacher should be hung.

    If you take the average 16 year old highschool boy, they arent going to feel intimidated by a female teacher, if an ugly teacher would have hit on me i would have told her to get bent, so the reason you probably see it mostly with hot teachers is because the guy actually wants to do it. (what guy wouldnt) Here is a link to the 50 top female teacher sex scandals, every single one is hot. I would have pulled my own teeth to go to a higschool run by these 50 teachers...... :D

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    I had a friend that went away for a year. After that he didn't talk very much and he always stood with his back to the wall...

    This whole jail thingy is nuts. The thing to do is to track psychopaths their entire lives and make sure that they are controlled more closely by automatically adding them to the list of suspects when ANY crime is committed and treating them as guilty until proven innocent. They should have to check in with a probation officer once a day. They should be put down upon their first felony conviction, putting them in jail just enables them to spread their insanity.
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    Another good argument for chain gangs and rock piles to pulverize with a sledge hammer. Wear their butts out (no pun intended) 12 hours a day 6 days a week and they won't feel so frisky.
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    Max E.

    Gentlemen..... i present you with Teacher Pamela Rogers Turner, if this doesnt lift your SPIRITS i dont know what will.... (bigarrow you should go to another thread, your hopeless.) :D



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    He should have printed one word on the back of his shirts while in jail.


    Who would want to do that??
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