In the red tomorrow b/c of Goog's miss ?

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Will the Market be red b/c Goog missed estimates ?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. Goog has no bearing on the market

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  1. Anyone think we'll be in the red tomorrow b/c Goog missed ?
  2. Uh... yes? YES!
  3. It's options expiration tomorrow so anything can happen. Monday will be the true test of the google miss.
  4. S2007S


    Im sure the early morning sell off will be met with more buyers. Ill be buying the dip tomorrow morning, thats after the dow drops more than 100 points.

    Ill be buying up some SSO.
  5. noddyboy


    Isn't it strange that there has been more volatility after the close than during the market hours?
  6. During earnings season? Doesn't seem so strange to me.

  7. YMU07.CBT Mini Dow Jones Indus.-$5 Sep 07

    11,043.00 8:09pm ET Down 2018.00 Chart

  8. Goog will have some good up moves as well, like BIDU did this am even though it was down 5pts.
  9. Tomorrow's action is the ultimate test of how strong the tape really is. Are they going to keep selling on the news or buy the dips?
  10. Goog, will not impact the INDU at all.

    Indu will flirt to test the support of 1400 and probably range bound tomorrow.

    Any selling will be followed by BUYING.

    Dow now in drifting sideways territory for a while,

    If you missed this run to14000, then your finished for the rest of the summer.

    Choppy markets will cause most to loose money the next month or so in US equities.

    Of course if a BLACK SWAN is sited, what I post is void.

    Good luck....
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