In the mists of learning

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  1. I wanted to get into trading since i was younger. Now that i have a substantail amounf ot money to trade with i decided to learn about reversal patterns (Master one thing know a little of everything). Now i am going to be investing money and have been appointed to run a forum for some hedge fund managers (doing it for free). I was wondering to you elite members out there what do you all sugget i do to really get a job in the market analysis industry?

    My Idea:

    1. Learn as much as i can , find something i alike and master it

    2. Meet important and well known traders

    3. Invest my money keeping a track record of my trades and charts

    4. Someday runa fund myself

    Any other ideas?????????
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    "In the mists of learning " is actually a nice phrase. It certainly describes the journey you're embarking on.
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  4. everyone makes small mistakes smart ass
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  6. all seriousness, my failures as a trader in the last four years, in spite of a keen intellect and an encyclopedic knowledge of TA, have led me to conclude that my best course of action is to transform myself into a credible (if fraudulent) trading guru. The work is easy, the money is good, and, unlike the markets, no one can ever prove that you are wrong.

    I have been practicing my skills here on ET in recent months (as, apparently, have many others with the same aim), testing the credulity of the trading public with a series of posts of ever increasing absurdity. Armed with a healthy contempt for the need of traders to have a guru to follow, I am now I am ready to proceed.

    All I have been lacking is someone like yourself with ample financial resources and connections in the community. Please consider partnering with me in this effort. You have money, and I can spell. The steady influx of bleating newbies to this forum begging to have their colons transformed into lambskin prophylactics augurs well for our prospects together.

    Very truly yours, H. Plecostomus
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    ...enjoyed this greatly. :p
  8. ...thanks. You are too kind. Perhaps that is what I am missing. Could the money-drawing gimmick be "Comedy Guru"? Most are unintentionally so, with your realization coming long after the punch line is but a fading echo, but to be a joke deliberately up front would be a first.