In the middle of the road...snoring...

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  1. Tiger's Snore: Neighbors Describe Crash Aftermath
    CBS 2 Obtains Recording Of Witnesses Talking About Golfer's Early Morning SUV Accident In Gated Community

    Don Dahler
    NEW YORK (CBS) ―

    Details continue to surface about the night Tiger Woods smashed his car into a tree, starting a chain of shameful events that have yet to end.

    New audio recordings of witnesses, obtained by CBS 2, and Woods' neighbors are talking, even if he, his wife, and some of the women alleged to be his mistresses aren't.

    But the people who've lived across the street from Woods for 17 years told Florida Highway Patrol investigators everything they know.

    Jarius Adams was awakened by his sister, Kimberly Harris, at about 2:30 last Friday morning, when she heard a noise and saw car lights shining on their house. Adams ran outside and saw the most recognizable athlete in the world lying next to a black SUV.

    "I saw Tiger laying on the ground. Elin was talking to him. At that point, I said OK, I immediately ran back into the house, got the phone, dialed 911," said Adams.

    Adams told investigators Woods had a bloody lip, but did not appear to have any broken bones or more serious injuries. But the 33-year-old professional golfer was not conscious.

    "At that point he was snoring," said Adams. "He was actually snoring."

    Elin Woods sat beside her husband of five years, holding his hand.

    "She was very quiet, just kind of in shock, you know, just kind of sitting there," he said.

    Elin's mother and Tiger's mother both emerged from the Woods' house. Adams and his sister got blankets and a pillow for the still-unconscious man's head. He said during the time he was up close with Woods, he did not smell any kind of alcohol on anyone.

    "No alcohol, not any other kind of drug whatsoever. None. Zero," he said.

    The neighbors told investigators although it was a cold night, the street was dry, there was no traffic on it, and they could see no apparent cause for the accident. Harris said she noticed a rear window of the truck was smashed in, but she didn't see a golf club outside the vehicle.

    "I saw two sitting in the seat of the golf cart," said Harris.

    That was the beginning of the nightmare for Woods, who may not have sustained bad injuries himself, but whose public image, and marriage, are suffering from the resulting allegations of multiple affairs.
  2. what does that have to do with trading?
  3. probably swerved to miss a family of raccoons scampering across the street. they get chased by dawgs a lot this time of year