in the matter of Anek versus Alex

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  1. All very amusing and entertaining on the surface.
    Probe a little deeper and maybe this whole affair reveals the frustration that underpins many many postings on ET.

    Could it be that learning to trade for a living is tantalisingly beyond the abilities of most people and leads them into a morbid sense of anger and frustration.

    Every day aspiring Traders wake up with the thought that today is my day.

    Every evening they go to bed on the thought that tomorrow is my day.

    Why is it so frustrating to learn to trade when Anek or Alex can teach you the techniques and when so many of you freely agree that you have learnt a great deal from both these people.

    If price is rising, buy the pullbacks and sell the pullbacks as price falls.

    What is so difficult to trading in this manner.
    Obviously, something is interrupting this thought and action process judging by the postings of many.

    Perhaps trading for a living is beyond most aspirants, whilst charting and teaching for a living(yours, not your students) lies within the grasp of some.

  2. Because unfortunately, a pullback is only identified in hindsight. At the time of pulling the trigger, you will have a series of probable outcomes to calculate. There are various tools and technical setups that can help skew the probability slightly in your favor which need to be learned and mastered.

    It's not quite so simple as just saying: buy a pullback in an uptrend or short a rally in a downtrend, otherwise everyone would be a trading genius.
  3. ElCubano


    It could actually be that simple and yet hard to master and execute....
  4. yayt


    Exactly what I've been trying to do, well put.
  5. Exactamente Señor exactamente.

    But once you have it, it cannot be taken away.
    I do not believe that it can be taught, but people should just ignore me if I say anything that doesn't suit their dream.

    Techniques can be taught but not mindset. imho

  6. Bwahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahah!!! I can see Alex doing that after one of his 7-pt target/50-pt stop trades goes bad...

    I thought that was some kind of gag commercial for an indestructible keyboard, until he broke his escape button...

    Now if someone could get hold of the video without the subtitles, and use trader language... Fuck you, you damned spicy meatball! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! THAT would be more like Alex.
  7. He probally be a good scalp trader

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  8. vinc


    from this subtle psychological diagnosis one could draw a conclusion
    that if one is successful in trading ,fulfilled and well, generally happy about his life then one shouldn't get angry seeing a decent
    guy being spit upon? 'cos one perfectly understands that THIS would be taken as i correct here?
    well, let me tell you, people get frustrated for different reasons, be it wife, children, broken car, vacation that didn't turn out as good as expected,etc..and sometimes they bring it here, which i guess is still better than say, taking it out on someone personally..
    take care and peacefully observe .. with distance..don't get too close frustration might get you :)

  9. Vinc,

    You have highlighted an interesting point, and that is people bring their outside world into the world of trading.

    This is what I mean by the thought process and the action process becoming separated.
    In my opinion they must remain seamless at all times.

    #10     Nov 21, 2008