In the market for a new/used trading station

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    Looking to buy new/used computer Pentium 4 and up with two 19 inch flat panel screens. If you are looking into upgrading your system and want to sell your old stuff, please let me know. Suggestions and links appreciated. Pm me or reply to this post.

    I am in New York. Thanks.
  2. For the flat panel's I'd buy new ones. They're perishable.

    For the P4 you can build one or find something on e*bay pretty cheap. Everyone is on to Xeons or Opterons at the high-end of workstations now.
  3. Does anybody know if manufacturors will offer backlight repair kits soon, for all those LCD's they are now selling?
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    Thanks for all the tips...


    Bot a P4 2.8ghz 512, 40gb system for $190 at pcsurplus...Great tip ES. Will probably upgrade the ram soon.

    Bot a 19 inch lcd monitor for $99 after rebates at This deal is sick if I ever get my rebate... Thanks gnome.
  5. Good move...its all you need for trading...hope it lasts for years to come..

    Good 2007 to you...

    Michael B.

    P.S. now buy an 8 port switch and never gid rid of them puters' just add ...its good to have some back up.

  6. Since most pcs offered at those sites come with OS, where is good place to get XP pro for example that is legit and cheap?
  7. I got mine on works...and I got the certificate...but be vweyy, vwewy careful


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