In the last century there were over 25 episodes of hyperinflation

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    "A study of some 20 hyperinflation episodes reveals that most lasted about five years and all were preceded by up to a decade of excess government spending such as today. And in all hyperinflations there was a common ingredient of loose spend and the excessive printing of money by these heavily indebted countries"

    Heres another link that lists the stories of 9 failed currencies in the last 100 years.

    Its getting pretty obvious to more and more people that fiat money does not work. Yes it can temporarily make some countries richer for a short period of time, but eventually someone has got to pay the piper. In normal times when inflation is 4% the average person is paying $1,876 in an invisible tax . That comes out to $576 billion dollars per year based on the 2008 $46,800 per capita income. If inflation goes to 10% thats $1.4 trillion in hidden taxes that the american taxpayer is paying.