In the last 20 years, 5 times out of 6 The People voted for a Democrat

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    Here is a real life fact check: The people's choice 5 times in the last 6 presidential elections was a Democrat for president.

    Chew on that one and see if the country changed recently or has been like that for 2 decades already. Once you get the answer you will feel less bad about your candidate's performance.

    Since 1992 the only election when a Republican president won the popular vote was 2004, and we know how that turned out. Even his own party didn't want to touch him with a 10 foot pole after his 4 years, he was that toxic.

    So after all Dick Morris is maybe right on the future, the trends are changing, and even if right wing nuts rule the radio waves, the country is going in a better direction....
  2. we need a sane republican party for our system of government to work. our government works by two sides coming together and forming a compromise to solutions of problems. but for republicans to get back there they have to reject the religious right.
  3. "Better direction", YOUR ASS!

    America is DOOMED to follow the social and economic degradation experienced by the former Soviet Union before its collapse.
  4. Exactly, and hopefully the GOP will recognize this and do their duty.
  5. The religious right????? What the heck is that?????

    How this Islam religious right working out in our country when we hav foot baths in public instituions, genital mutilation disguised as some other procedure and no bacon in Muslim cabs.

    Oh yea, how that homosexual issue working out with the muslims.

    You referring to Catholic religious right but not Muslim religious right?
  6. is there something wrong upstairs? you think the muslims are what is wrong with the republican party?
  7. Nope, but someone else brought up religion, we don't want to leave out the Muslims.
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    Here's another fact. 5 times out of the last 6 the OP's threads were rated 1 star.
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    Are you on crack?

    In 1992 Bill Clinton got 43% of the vote.

    In 1996 Bill Clinton got 49% of the vote.

    In 2000 Al Gore got 48% of the vote.

    In 2004 John Kerry got 48% of the vote.

    So in 4 out of the last 6 elections more people voted against the democrat than for the democrat.

    Nice try though.
  10. Glad you brought that up, as no President since FDR has won both the EC and the popular vote......twice:)
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