In terms of Euro/Yen, the US markets have improved 0% in 2009

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    What has a stronger trend, the falling dollar or the "recovery"? Invest in commodities or short the dollar?
  2. I don't know, but that's a sobering number (if accurate) to anyone investing from outside the US.
  3. What a bunch of non-sense.

    In EUR, the SP500 is higher by 13.7%. In USD terms, it's higher by 20.7%.
  4. I like these kind of comparisons.:)

    I believe if you where British and bought the Nikei in 08 you would be flat regardless of the huge crash of the Nikei because of the even more cruel crash in £

    And gold is down in AUD year to date!
  5. it's a startling transfer of wealth from wage earners, taxpayers, foreign holders and savers, to stockholders. Not to make them money, but just to make them whole for their losses

    wall street owns washinton, like never before
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    Ignore that one huge spike of a dollar rally in January and look at the last year overall...

    Compare the rate at the EUR growth vs the rate of the SPX growth overall. The dollar is falling at a much faster pace than the markets are growing.
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    In USD,

    China's market up 60%
    N225 up 14%
    FTSE up about 30%

    A measely 6% (taken from that spike, ~2% if before/after) US growth in terms of EUR looks bad.
  8. If you bought the index the dollar drop hurts you, if you bought individual stocks, not so much.

    If you are up 300% in a stock you can take a 10% drop in the USD index.:)
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    Well looking a bit deeper I wish I compared this months ago, I would've gone investing in foreign markets. Missed the boat on this one...