In support of Pakistani muzzies

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  1. My view is that China and India are our biggest threats, even a bigger threat than the muzzies.

    To this end, I propose building up our influence in Pakistan. We should supply the muzzies with the best weaponry so that India can be kept in check. Also, by building up our influence in Pakistan, we keep China out.

    All of this has good consequences for the USA. The Pakistan muzzies continue to be a pain for both India & China since Pakistan continues to provide a training ground for muzzie freedom struggles against both of our threats.

    At the same time we should continue to drone bomb those muzzie terrorists who are threatening our Afghanistan operation i.e. muzzies who threaten us get killed, but muzzies who threaten India and China are allowed to live!!

    If the Indians and Chinese complain, we should highlight their terrible human rights records and tell em to f*** off!!

    God bless America and Israel.
  2. Thanks for raising a thought provoking topic.
  3. No problems bearice. The pleasure was all mine.
  4. We need to do everything to stop China and India from taking a lead over us.

    Arming the Pakistanis is a good first step.
  5. China and India with a massive population maybe a serious threat to the world in future if they have a desire to dominate the world. China and India can be allies but this is difficult.
  6. USA should just withdraw its army from Afghanistan and then China and India will be taken care of. Simple solution.

  7. That other guys stupidity is rubbing into you.....:( :( :(