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  1. Edo


    I tried for 2 years to get a C# program written to implement my custom trading algorithm with the TT-API and gave up last year. Restarting the project and will likely switch to Interactive Brokers. Open to something else. Looking for a programmer who has already made all the mistakes to help implement the backbone of our custom application. App is to be used by one administrator (this is not a website we're building) but will handle large sums so MUST be written the right way and fully tested. We don't care about nanoseconds but do care about seconds. App must run on a local machine and be fault-tolerance (ie: backup server picks up with Server A crashed). Any pointers would be appreciated.

  2. traider


    Are you not latency sensitive at all?
    Do you need zero GC coding?
    Your current requirements are too vague.
  3. Millionaire


    What is your budget?
    How many hours of programmer time do you think you need?

    I have been programming for 35 years and have been using the IB API everyday since 2004 for my own trading and am exactly what you need. But small jobs are just not worth it for me. I typically take on 6 month contracts for a minimum $100K worth of work from Corporate clients.

    The problem is that most good experienced programmers are in high demand and so not cheap. And don't need to take on small jobs. Not worth the hassle.

    You might be able to find a good developer from a cheap location who only charges a fraction of western rates through recommendation.
    Someone here might be able to recommend one.
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  4. Millionaire


    In his post he did say he does not need sub second latency.
  5. Edo, I left you a private message with my phone #.
  6. pstrusi


    Hi Millionaire,

    It seems that there's an IB API version for just plain "C", it's kind of old but it looks functional, and I love "C" because it's a great language, simple, elegant, and insanely fast. I'm just an eagle amateur programmer that has to develop an Algo. So, since you have had such a great experience, I highly would appreciate it, if could answer :

    - If you were about to start the project, would you consider plain "C" language or it's clearly better any OOP language?

    - Given the existing IB-API issues, is C# a solid choice of language or it's in your best interest not to be attached to Windows environment?

    Thanks a lot for any hint you might provide
  7. ffs1001


    It baffles me when people come on this site looking for programmers like they're some kind of unicorns which are extremely rare.

    In 2020 I had two python scripts written for me costing me about $150 each and they did exactly what I wanted.
    Right now I have a UK based developer coding another script for which I am (over)paying the amount of $325, but I wanted it done quickly.

    I posted my job on peopleperhour and within a day had 8 proposals and its a small 1-2 day at most.

    Just use sites like these. No one has the excuse of "i wish I knew a programmer who could code me an algo" anymore. They're dime a dozen.
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  8. Millionaire


    If the C/C++ version of the API from IB is still fully supported by them then it should be fine.
    It is just sometimes, although not often, with the Java version of the API that i use they force upgrades. Im not sure if this is totally necessary and if the old versions continue to work, i never check, i just upgrade when told to do so.
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  9. pstrusi


    Got it, thanks

    By the way, last one: What is your chosen language?
  10. Millionaire


    I use Java because myself have been a Java programmer since 1998 so am biased to using Java.
    Really for coding simple trading Algos which tend to be a few hundred lines, maybe a few thousand at most. Any of the programming languages that IB support should be fine.
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