In Search of God!

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  1. imo, there have been a whole lot of ever-lasting problems, conflicts and killings, so far in our human history (and possibly in the foreseeable future), that could be evidently caused directly or indirectly due to the definition of God.

    Personally, I would prefer the following definition of God.

    Humans, that are free to do good or evil, must choose the side of good, according to natural law - God.
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    "The mind of absolute trust is beyond all thought, all striving,
    is perfectly at peace, for in it there is no yesterday, no today,
    no tomorrow."
    - Seng-Ts'an
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  3. I am always puzzled by some similar perplexed words delivered by some wise-men.

    Did they really expect any layman in the market like me could easily capture their divine wisdom?

    Just curious!
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    Market maven such as yourself will grasp the meaning behind the veiled words with ease.
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  5. Sorry. It was a play on words. :)

    Here is what a market that I actually meant: [​IMG]
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  7. I tried again and again to search the meaning of " there is no yesterday no tomorrow no today " in plain and simple English. But it's still not very clear to me.

    A. I think its common/popular/contemporary meaning should be “living in the moment.”. Then why just say it " “living in the moment.”?

    " Just in this moment, divided and flying. And strange. There’s no yesterday in your world. No tomorrow. No today. No day and no night. Only now exists. And you flow in it like in tepid caressing river. "

    B. It could well be like this:

    " There is No Time, No End, No Today, No Yesterday, No Tomorrow, Only the Forever, and Forever and Forever Without End, "
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  8. I think what - Seng-Ts'an was referring to is the blindfolded minds who believe in “God” without any questions asked. Those people do not have to worry about yesterday today or tomorrow, because they believe nothing will happen to them under his protection. In other words, they live in peace!

    Then again I might be wrong:sneaky:
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  9. Seng-ts’an is new to me. But I like this part below.

    It seemed he never left any books/writings that were directly written by himself.
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    Just For Laughs

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