In retrospect, was there inside information about 9/11 and the stockmarket?

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  1. In this Interview with Bert Dohmen he claims there was clear evidence of insider knowlegde leading up to 9/11 and he uses the same method today thinking people paying the FED to keep their money safe is a clear sign of insider knowledge about bad things to come.

    Crackpot, or is he at least right about 9/11?

    Not looking for a 9/11 discussion here. Just curious if big parties can indeed steer the market on their own rather than chasing trends.

  2. For all we know 9/11 was done just to make a killing in the markets.
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    like pelham123....
  4. I wasnt interested in trading back then so I have no clue which shorts payed of the most. Airlines probably?

    I looked up gold's performance after 9/11 and it was basically remarkably flat for months afterwards which strikes me as a bit odd really.

    Not saying it should have doubled or anything but still...
  5. its clear the "tech bubble" burst back in 2000 and 911 was a catalyst for another push down. one thing i have been thinking about lately is a post i read from someone here that says.. people only buy securities if they think it will appreciate, but there are thousands of reasons to sell> not just because they think it will go down.

    **edit, i absolutely believe there is an overall "conspiracy" the number one being that the flight over Pennsylvania was shot down by F16s.
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    How Conveniently people forget huge surge in PUT option buying just before 9/11. Not to mention free fall of WTC7 which is completely impossible without pre set explosives.
  7. Yes I am confident some knew, in The Middle East, and did short. You can check it out yourself by searching goolge. Do I believe Alex Jones' theory that either Bush and Cheney paid OBL and rigged explosives. No, I can't get there. But I find it plausible that Bush and Cheney seized the moment, esp. Cheney, and realized he could assume control of the country by delaying a response. There was an interesting program on History Channel that talked about 911.

    Let me ask you a question. Do you believe that the US really can't find OBL? Search around, there are interviews of Green Berets that were on Fox a couple of years back where they felt certain they were extremely close to OBL in Tora Bora and were called back.

    What reason would the US not want to capture OBL? Go back and research what Eisenhower said about allowing the military industrial complex to take control of the country.

    Look up Aaron Russo in you tube.

    No I am sure I just pissed off all of the Bush Cheney fans, including you John, but I am becoming more convinced that this country isn't run by Democrats or Republicans, its run by Corp. America.

    Do any of your realize that for the cost of 1 F-35 or F-22 raptor everyone in this country could have high quality health care?
  8. Someone, the powers that be, global shadow governemnt, iluminati etc are orchestrating a third world war.

    US defaults on it's debt and sells loads of weapons to Taiwan so China get pissed.

    Iran attacks Israel, US, Europe and any one they have a mild dis-like for and China publicly defends this action, so the 'West' get pissed.

    Russia joins in for the fun of it. Takes this as an oppourtunity to forcefully claim the oil under the the north pole.

    All those college kids bitching about having a degree but no jobs get drafted.
  9. Russia will join in, if it happens, because they are a major trading partner with Iran and China. They have to defend their interests.
  10. America definitely has the strongest PROFESSIONAL army, but when you start drafting kids off the street who's only form of exercise in an xbox it's not going to be pretty:
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